City of Goodyear, Arizona, Takes Critical Step in Ensuring Its Water Future

by | Apr 15, 2020

In early 2017, the City of Goodyear, Arizona, initiated the procurement process for the implementation of a robust water management plan. On November 1, 2019, construction began on the new $129 million surface water treatment campus with an initial capacity of 8 mgd and future build-out to 16 mgd. The new surface water treatment facility will use state-of-the-art water treatment technology; maintain water quality and quantity for the citizens of Goodyear; and will allow the City to continue its aggressive pace of development and economic growth.

Currently, 100% of the city’s water supply is ground water. A new six-mile pipeline will connect Goodyear to its Colorado River water allocation through the Salt River Project canal system and enable the delivery of surface water to the city’s new treatment facility. The pipeline and water treatment facility will bring Goodyear surface water for the first time, providing the city and surrounding communities a secure water future.

The new infrastructure must be in place by December 2021 to comply with state requirements and to meet development agreements. With a tight schedule and limited budget, every minute and dollar counts with rapid and transparent decisions and cost certainty necessary to achieve project success. The latter circumstances led to the new water treatment facility being delivered via a highly collaborative design-build-operate (DBO) delivery method. Using a single-entity, fast-track, integrated design-build-operate approach, with the goal to transition future operations to the City, allowing the City to continue its pace of development and economic growth while saving time and money on project delivery. Design-build streamlines the project timeline and facilitates on-time completion of construction and startup and commissioning of the new water plant.

The DBO team and the City are engaging at the highest levels of partnership and leadership to create an environment of teamwork, promoting collaborative relationships with industry water professionals, regulatory agencies, stakeholders, and neighboring communities to get the job done.

City officials and Jacobs staff worked together for months to make the groundbreaking event for the city’s largest infrastructure project a shining example of the collaboration and strong partnership that led to the project becoming a reality.

We are proud of our innovative partnerships and state-of-the-art technology to proactively ensure the city’s water future.