Benefits of Collaborative Delivery

Owners choose collaborative delivery because of its proven ability to drive better project outcomes with more innovation, control, certainty, and value. Some benefits of collaborative delivery include:

  • Faster project delivery
  • Cost savings
  • Reduced risk
  • Early engagement of project team
  • Constructability evaluated early in design process
  • Advanced innovation
  • Price certainty
  • Quality and value management
  • Early mitigation of supply chain risks



Owners, designers, builders, and others work together with one common goal: successful outcomes.

Successful collaborative delivery projects are grounded in trust, teamwork, and transparency. They harness the unique talents and resources of team members under one common goal: successful project outcomes.

Collaborative delivery provides more project innovation, control, certainty, and value.

Through collaborative and continuous planning, problem solving, decision making, and communication, there is less risk for potential conflict and costly time delays and more opportunity for innovative solutions.

Collaborative delivery can accelerate the speed of executing water and wastewater infrastructure projects.

Over the last 15 years, design-build has proven to accelerate project schedules up to 30% and most often results in lower project costs.

Collaborative delivery is no longer an "alternative" approach. It is the fastest-growing form of project delivery in the water and wastewater sector
  • Over $30 billion dollars spent in past decade
  • Becoming the preferred method by owners
  • 10% growth rate annually
  • 12% of total spending – $5.3 billion annually

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