Lift Station 87 Wet Weather Flow Transfer (FL)

This was the City of St. Petersburg’s first progressive design-build project and its great success has paved the way for future PDB projects in the city.

Address: 690 43rd Street South, St. Petersburg, FL 33701
Project Year: 2021-2022
Project Type: Other, Pipeline
WCDA Member Firm: The Walsh Group, Wade Trim, Hazen and Sawyer, Ferguson Waterworks
Delivery Method: Progressive Design-Build

Ocotillo Water Reclamation Facility Phase 1 Expansion (AZ)

To accommodate growth and augment its ability to treat influent wastewater and produce reclaimed water closer to its users, the City of Chandler chose to build a $122 million expansion to the Ocotillo Water Reclamation Facility.

Address: 3333 S. Old Price Rd, Chandler, AZ 85248
Project Year: 2014-2018
Project Type: Wastewater
WCDA Member Firm: McCarthy, Sundt
Delivery Method: Construction Management at-Risk

Hyperion Advanced Water Purification Facility (CA)

LASAN elected to use the PDB delivery method to facilitate the many complex needs of this project. This allowed the project team to realize both cost and schedule savings.

Address: 12000 Vista Del Mar, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293
Project Year: June 2019-Ongoing (estimated completion summer 2024)
Project Type: Other, Wastewater
WCDA Member Firm: Brown and Caldwell, The Walsh Group
Delivery Method: Progressive Design-Build

RiverRenew Tunnel System (VA)

The RiverRenew Program, the largest infrastructure initiative in the history of Alexandria, VA, encompasses the RiverRenew Tunnel System project, a storage and conveyance tunnel system, as well as three other wastewater projects that paved the way for the tunnel system project.

Address: 1800 Limerick St., Alexandria, VA 22314
Project Year: 2020-2025
Project Type: Pipeline, Wastewater
WCDA Member Firm: Brown and Caldwell, Jacobs, Stantec, Kokosing
Delivery Method: Fixed-Price Design-Build

Anaheim Groundwater Treatment Plants (CA)

In response to the State of California’s newly revised drinking water “response levels,” a portion of the city of Anaheim’s wells had to be taken out of service and a treatment solution for its groundwater wells needed to be found to restore its critical local water supply.

Address: 201 S Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805
Project Year: 2020-Ongoing
Project Type: Other, Water
WCDA Member Firm: Brown and Caldwell, CDM Smith, MWH
Delivery Method: Fixed-Price Design-Build

City of Davis WWTP Secondary and Tertiary Improvements Project (CA)

To meet more stringent effluent requirements for continued surface water discharge, the City of Davis commissioned a wastewater treatment master plan to determine its ability to meet foreseeable future requirements. The conclusions led to the needed improvements project.

Address: 45400 County Road 28H, Davis, CA 95616
Project Year: 2014-2018
Project Type: Wastewater
WCDA Member Firm: W. M. Lyles Co., AECOM, TESCO Controls
Delivery Method: Fixed-Price Design-Build

Atlanta Water Supply Program (GA)

The City of Atlanta faced a crippling issue with only a three-day reserve of emergency raw water and increasing drought conditions and emergencies in the Atlanta area. Using construction management at-risk delivery, this complex project took an innovative approach from the beginning.

Address: 900 Lois St. NW, Atlanta, GA
Project Year: 2015-2020
Project Type: Water
WCDA Member Firm: PC Construction, Clark/Atkinson, Black & Veatch, Stantec
Delivery Method: Construction Management at-Risk

Tampa Harbour Island Force Main Replacement (FL)


Address: , ,
Project Type: Pipeline
WCDA Member Firm: Wade Trim
Delivery Method: Progressive Design-Build

San Fernando Groundwater Basin Remediation Project (CA)


Address: , ,
Project Type: Wastewater
WCDA Member Firm: Kiewit, Stantec
Delivery Method: Progressive Design-Build

Stockton Regional Wastewater Control Facility (CA)

With budget constraints and a plethora of existing problems and possible solutions, the principal challenge for the City of Stockton and its selected design-build team of AECOM and W. M. Lyles JV was to sort through existing needs, determine best-value solutions, and develop a significantly more cost-effective approach for project implementation.

Address: 2500 Navy Drive, Stockton, California
Project Year: 2019-2023
Project Type: Wastewater
WCDA Member Firm: W. M. Lyles Co., AECOM, TESCO Controls, Core & Main
Delivery Method: Progressive Design-Build

City of Euclid Water Reclamation Facility Improvements Phases 1-4 (OH)

A CMAR approach was selected as the delivery method for this project to supplement the City of Euclid’s personnel with the addition of specialized/qualified individuals to assist and guide the City throughout the many phases of preconstruction and construction.

Address: 22201 Lakeshore Blvd. Euclid, OH 44123,
Project Year: 2014-2021
Project Type: Wastewater
WCDA Member Firm: Kokosing, Ferguson Waterworks, Veolia
Delivery Method: Construction Management at-Risk

Northwest Regional Water Reclamation Facility Expansion (FL)

Hillsborough County’s wastewater treatment plant consolidation program for the northwest region of the county consisted of demolishing two aging plants and expanding one from 10 mgd to 30 mgd.

Address: 11005 Dale Stitik Drive Tampa, FL 33626,
Project Year: 2016-2020
Project Type: Wastewater
WCDA Member Firm: Wharton-Smith, Garney Construction, Stantec, Core & Main
Delivery Method: Fixed-Price Design-Build