What We Do

Through education, research, and advocacy, we equip and empower water and wastewater industry members with the knowledge, tools, and proven approaches to collaborate and innovate effectively, lead change, and achieve successful project outcomes.


We are a leader in collaborative delivery education for the water and wastewater industry, providing practitioners and owners with field-tested, industry-proven knowledge and tools to navigate and execute successful collaborative delivery projects. Learn More


We are a leading source of independent, industry research on collaborative delivery methods for the water industry, identifying industry trends, opportunities, and barriers to successful project delivery. Learn More


We are a leading advocate, voice, and champion for the power of collaborative delivery to be a viable option to address some of our nation’s most pressing water infrastructure challenges. Learn More


We are a leading industry source of tools, templates, and procurement guides exclusively designed to support design-build and CMAR project delivery in the water and wastewater sector. Our Water and Wastewater Design-Build Handbook is widely used across the industry. Learn More


Through volunteer committees, events, and conferences, we work collaboratively with diverse members from across the water and wastewater sector—including practitioners, suppliers, owners, government officials, and educators—to learn, share, grow, and advance the power and possibilities of collaborative delivery, together. See Events


Through industry project spotlights, we illustrate what best practices can achieve and inspire collaborative delivery solutions to ensure a safer, more affordable, and more efficient water world. Learn More


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