How To Join WCDA

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The WCDA extends a warm welcome to companies engaged in the design, engineering, construction, and material supply of water and wastewater collaborative delivery projects throughout North America. Members represent a wide range of practitioners interested in promoting collaborative delivery best practices.

Membership Qualifications


Any private industry legal entity that regularly engages in collaborative project delivery in the water industry in North America, whether directly or through an affiliate or subsidiary, in one or more of the following categories:

  • Construction contractors
  • Professional engineering firms
  • Integrated engineering and construction firms
  • Equipment, fabrication, and distribution firms
  • Material suppliers/distributors/logistics

Member Dues: $18,000/year


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Note to applicant: It is the mission of the Water Collaborative Delivery Association to advance design-build and other collaborative project delivery methods to transform the water industry through thought leadership and education. We use the information provided in this application to confirm an applicant’s commitment to sharing the mission, goals, and objectives of the association as well as confirmation of an applicant’s commitment to abide by the association’s Code of Conduct and Antitrust Policy.