What Makes Us Unique

Since 2006, we’ve focused exclusively on advancing best practices in collaborative delivery methods for the water and wastewater sector.

We Know Water.

From constantly changing regulations and complex ownership structure, to the need to deliver safe, sustainable, and affordable water amidst shrinking funding resources, we understand the unique challenges our sector faces when it comes to water project delivery. That’s why we focus exclusively on advancing proven, industry-specific collaborative delivery solutions that we know work for the water and wastewater sector.

We Focus on Best Practices Because Best Practices Deliver Better Outcomes.

As collaborative delivery solutions grow in popularity and use, the need for industry standards, knowledge, and research on best practices has never been more important. Our work is not only elevating competency, skills, and ethical standards across the industry, it’s ensuring that practitioners and owners are equipped to deliver better projects together on the project site.

We’ve Helped Thousands of Industry Members Achieve Better Projects, Together.

Through our industry-recognized Water and Wastewater Design-Build Handbook, Procurement Guides, Research, Education, and Advocacy efforts, we’ve helped thousands of owners, practitioners, and other industry members transform the industry and achieve better outcomes, together.


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