Terminal Island WRP Advanced Water Purification Facility Ultimate Expansion (CA)


With increased water shortages projected within the next 10 years, increased population growth, and increased emphasis on environmental footprint, advanced water treatment technologies assist in providing more high-quality water supply, protecting groundwater quality, and decreasing potable water demand. This ultimate expansion project leads to reusing all effluent and ceasing discharges to the harbor to comply with future NPDES requirements.

This innovative facility takes wastewater that would have been discharged into the nearby harbor and cleans the water using advanced water purification technology including microfiltration (MF), reverse osmosis (RO), and an advanced oxidation process (AOP). The AOP uses ultraviolet (UV) to provide disinfection for the entire AWPF. An advantage of the AOP is the disinfection of almost all contaminants without creating more pollution.


In order to gain some experience with collaborative delivery and reduce the overall project schedule, the City of Los Angeles chose to use fixed-price design-build delivery. The Walsh Construction design-build team completed the advanced water treatment facility expansion, which increases total wastewater treatment capacity to produce 12 mgd of high-quality water for groundwater replenishment and reuse.

The design-build team designed the expansion to integrate seamlessly with existing treatment systems and into the existing plant footprint while minimizing impacts to operations during tie-ins and shutdowns. Walsh, in collaboration with plant operations staff, successfully completed 81 special plant accommodations. Walsh also installed a visitor experience kiosk to demonstrate the final product, as well as vista points explaining each process area.

The control system for the entire LASAN district was being upgraded at the same time as the Terminal Island WRP AWPF Ultimate Expansion. The control system upgrade project required a 90-day complete plant shutdown to modify all controls for the existing RO and MF systems and bring the new RO, MF, and AOP systems online. Walsh decreased the shutdown duration by approximately two months by using alternate electrical space, which allowed all team members to perform most of their work outside of the shutdown period. This schedule saved the client potential downtime, enabling them to continue selling reuse water and reducing the impact to facility operations.


On February 3, 2017, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti dedicated the Terminal Island WRP Advanced Water Purification Facility Ultimate Expansion, the city’s first large-scale design-build project. Four awards have been bestowed on this project:

  • 2017 Best of the Best – Water/Environment, ENR National
  • 2018 ENVISION Platinum
  • 2017 Best of the Best Water/Environment, ENR California Region
  • 2018 Best Industrial Project, Los Angeles Business Journal Commercial Real Estate Awards

Other WCDA member firm involved: Xylem, Inc. (supplier of Advanced Oxidation Process)

“Water is our most precious resource and this project takes effluent water that would normally be discharged into the ocean and treats it to a highly purified level so it can be reused throughout the city. The City of Los Angeles / Bureau of Engineering is steadfast in its commitment to make Los Angeles a more sustainable and resilient city, one project at a time. We continually look for opportunities to introduce sustainability and resiliency into our designs.”
—Michael Sarullo, Division Manager, BOE Environmental Engineering Division

“This new facility is a bold investment that will help us save drinking water, expand our use of recycled water, and become a more sustainable city for generations to come.”
—Mayor Eric Garcetti, City of Los Angeles