Norman Gadzinski

Vice President for Design-Build


Norm Gadzinski is a vice president for design-build at HDR located in Cleveland, Ohio, and a past president (partial term) of WCDA. For over 30 years, Norm has been an industry leader in the development of collaborative and integrated delivery methods for water and wastewater projects. His experience in both the design and construction aspects of the business uniquely equip him with relevant lessons learned that promote teamwork and innovation. Norm has held senior leadership positions charged with driving efficiencies into the delivery model, ensuring success at both the operational and project-based levels.

Norm has built a career specializing in collaborative (all models of DB and CMAR) procurement and has served many municipal and private owners as a practitioner, consultant, and owner advisor. At HDR, Norm promotes, codifies, and implements best practices in design-build and CMAR procurement and delivery.